Minecraft: 7 Terrifying Moments New Players Must Endure

The world is one sinister pixelated oyster.

Minecraft Creeper

Welcome, fellow blockhead! So you've finally started playing Minecraft. After the constant harassment and ridicule dished out by your gamer buddies, you have ultimately decided to enter one of the most beloved universes in modern gaming history.

The first moments in this brave new world are somewhat confusing and unimpressive. However, as you get more and more involved with the simple yet profound essence of the game, you know you won’t stop staring at the screen any time soon.

Nowadays, gaming development predisposes players to believe that sandbox experiences are a repetitive succession of similar mechanics and tightly wound narratives. Meaning that no matter what you do or how differently you try to perform predetermined actions, you’ll always get the same fixed series of outcomes.

Minecraft’s mechanics reward creativity and dedication with the possibility of expanding your territory without end, leaving players with a gratifying sensation of accomplishment and longing. Longing to get back in and finish building a fence, or reap wheat to bake a delicious cake. You’re hooked now, we all are.

So sharpen your axe and get ready to memorize a whole bunch of recipes, as we prepare to face these 7 terrifying moments that every Minecraft newcomer must endure.

7. Nighttime Cometh

Minecraft Creeper

As players take their first steps into the wondrous world of Minecraft, they are greeted by astonishing landscapes and vast territories to explore. Cut down some wood, turn it into sticks and finally… you’re not really sure what to do from this point onward. You’re still a baby, an absolute rookie. Then night comes, darkness takes over and all hell breaks loose.

In other games, nighttime is just the inevitable change of textures and colors into darker and rougher tones, but it doesn’t represent any kind of discomfort or peril for the players. Not in Minecraft, where monsters roam free when the moon is high. Zombies, spiders and skeleton archers are an everyday nuisance.

When the sun is about to set, the cheery ambiance music goes away and is replaced by an eerie silence that climbs up your spine and taps you in the shoulder at every turn. If you don’t figure out that you need to build a shelter and learn how to craft torches, your first night will be a rough one.

The night is dark, and full of zombies. Better stack up on wood and coal as soon as possible.

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