Monster Hunter: World - 10 Best Armour Sets You Must Unlock

10. Lumu


The Insect Glaive is neither a damage-dealing machine or the fastest-attacking weapon in World's armoury, so why should you pick the double-bladed stick, besides the obvious that it looks the coolest in action?

Simple answer: it's the most nimble. Of all the gear available in World, Insect Glaive users have the easiest time staying out of harm's way, freeing up concentration for its most important purpose - to mount and down monsters quicker than any other for huge damage opportunities.

The Lumu set, while admittedly not the most visually appealing, and lacking any attack bonuses to speak of, does come with the Master Mounter perk as standard, which makes the Insect Glaive's primary job much easier to perform. Stamina Surge and Divine Blessing are nothing to scoff at, either - boosting stamina recovery speed and reducing incoming damage respectively.

As for concerns regarding damage deficiency, grab yourself an Attack Charm and/or a handful of number-boosting Decorations and you'll be doling out the pain with the best of them in no time.


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