Monster Hunter: World - 10 Fan-Favourite Monsters Capcom Must Add

Fear the old blood.


Nearly a month on from launch, Hunters the world over continue their assault on the New World's megafauna, all in the name of scientific research and securing mankind's safety in this unexplored frontier.

But don't go thinking you're king of the wilds just yet.

The honeymoon period has come to a close, but Capcom's a country mile from tying up loose ends and moving on to new projects. Far from it. Additional content has been on the cards since before World even hit retail, and we know, thanks to the trailer below, that the first piece of post-launch content pencilled in for World will introduce fan-favourite dino Deviljho into the game's inhospitable ecosystem come spring, but what lies even further ahead?

There's no chance, given the series' expansive history, that Anjanath's bigger, meaner cousin will be the only returning veteran, but cramming all the old favourites into World's already content-rich world won't be an easy task.

Capcom will be forced to pick and choose, so while I don't expect all of the following familiar faces to return, there's a high chance that come this time next year, our Hunters will be wearing the fashionable remains of Gore Megala and Zinogre.

Fingers crossed!


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