Monster Hunter: World - 10 Fan-Favourite Monsters Capcom Must Add

10. Seregios


The gilded terror of the skies first introduced in Monster Hunter 4, Seregios' status as the handheld title's flagship monster is earned by its regal and fearsome appearance alone, but dig a little deeper, and you'll quickly discover that its bite is far worse than its bark.

Similarly to the bipedal wyverns already populating World's diverse ecosystems, this one-horned nasty is fast, aggressive and fiercely territorial.

Anyone who's come into contact with Rathalos and Rathian will know all too well the near necessity of carrying Flash Pods around to force them into ground combat, and this aurum threat is no different. The added danger comes in the form of Seregios' puncturing scales, which it'll spray at Hunters in an effort to create a personalized collection of human pincushions. Oh, and it can cause bleeding with its goring talons, too.

In other words, splice the DNA of an Odogaron, Negigante and Rathalos together and you'll get something resembling Seregios as a result.



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