Mortal Kombat 1: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

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mortal kombat scorpion kameo

Believe the hype. Mortal Kombat 1 is an absolute triumph. (Except the Switch port. The less said about that, the better.)

Boasting an epic story, a deluge of unique features, new modes, awesome mechanics, and the most brutal finishers yet, the latest instalment in Ed Boon's gorefest has everything fans could ask for.

Of course, the most important aspect of any beat 'em up is the fighters. As the title implies, MK1 is a reboot, so each kombatant has been refitted with new backstories, powers, motivations, and fighting skills.

Although there are no fresh faces (at least for the time being), the roster is a wonder to behold. Overpowered fighters like Mileena are more balanced. Long-absent characters, Li Mei and Reiko, have quickly become fan-favourites. Powerhouses such as Liu Kang and Shao Kahn have a slew of new attacks. Iconic kombatants, Baraka and Reptile, have never been better.

Although there are no truly awful kombatants (apart from one), some MK1 characters have proven to be more accessible and varied than others.

So, who is at the top of the pile, and who should be avoided?

23. Nitara

mortal kombat scorpion kameo
NetherRealm Studios

It may sound harsh, but Mortal Kombat 1 would've had a tighter roster without Nitara.

Simply put, the blood-craving succubus doesn't bring anything to the table. Serving as a generic lackey, she has no effect or emotional impact on the plot. Her design is surprisingly uncreative. And Megan Fox's performance as Nitara makes Ronda Rousey's Sonya Blade from MK11 seem Oscar-worthy.

Now, some of these downers could be forgiven, if Nitara's fighting chops were up to standards. Though the Vaeternian vixen has a few interesting mechanics, they always seem to have a catch. Her best Specials can't be accessed unless she uses Blood Sacrifice, which reduces her health.

If Blood Sacrifice is utilised after Nitara spits blood on her prey, she can heal. Annoyingly, it only works when she's right beside her enemy, where she's vulnerable.

With her bat wings, it's no surprise Nitrara has a stack of aerial attacks. However, her stronger kombos involve repeatedly switching from air to ground to air again, which is needlessly complicated.

Basically, Nitara sucks (and not just because she's a vampire).


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