Mortal Kombat 11 DLC: 9 Announcer Packs We Want To See

Darth Vader + "Finish him" = Heaven.

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Mortal Kombat has a proud heritage of including golden one-liners across its titles.

From "Finish Him/Her's" to "Fatality!", all the way to the rib-tickling "Toasty" of games gone by (as well as its surprise "cameo" in MK11), these are instantly recognisable to fans across the ages.

Twenty seven years later, with the advancement of technology and bonus content, Mortal Kombat 11 is throwing in some real treats for players to unlock. As well as being able to nab longtime villain Shao Kahn and newcomer Kronika as announcer packs, there are rumours of Johnny Cage being unlockable too.

So, with MK's vocal history and things like Rage 2 getting the likes of Danny Dyer to provide a vocal pack for your protagonist, it felt right to do a hypothetical wishlist of MK11 announcers.

Brace yourself, open your minds, and try envisioning the voices of these announcer packs. We need callouts for everything from gruesome finishers to character victories, and that means choices from serious and dark to downright silly.


9. Bruce Campbell

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In a game series so iconic for its violence, as well as the usage of mainstream horror characters too, it would be remiss not to include absolute hall of famer, Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series. Sadly, only the bad guys have been picked for the roster, which is a shame, as Ash would fit the bill nicely.

Failing that, how about the man behind the chainsaw-arm, Bruce Campbell? Being no stranger to voiceover work, given his work on the Sam Raimi Spider-man trilogy, he'd be a recognisable draw to any horror fan.

Replacing "Toasty!" with the timeless "Groovy", or having quips about each fighter as they make their entrance would be an absolute gas.

After all, we can only "Hail to the king, baby".


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