Mortal Kombat 12: 10 Things Fans NEED To See

Round 12... FIGHT!


Mortal Kombat 11 was a monster hit for the franchise, with a massive focus on customization that also set a new benchmark for how cinematic and beautiful a fighting game can be.

Visuals were excellent, combat fluid and exciting, and NetherRealm seem to have perfected the insanely massive gear system introduced in Injustice 2 to give everyone full control over how they want their characters to look, feel, and sound.

Despite the launch window controversy surrounding loot-boxes, it satisfied most fans yearning for their Mortal Kombat fix. However, there's already discussion about the next main instalment in the franchise that is almost certainly coming out on next-gen consoles, where we'll get to see people gruesomely ripped apart in the most impeccable detail yet.

These are 10 things fans want to see, and NetherRealm should follow, in the 12th instalment of the long-running franchise in order to make everyone happy and improve the winning formula even more.


10. Multiple Choices For Fatal Blows/X-Ray Attacks


Fatal Blows are a dazzling dance of violence that are a joy to behold, for the first 5 times you see them.

After that, it almost becomes a chore to activate them and sit back for half a minute while you see your opponent survive what is essentially a fast-paced fatality. As cool as it is, seeing these over and over again gets repetitive very fast and it's been an issue since 2011's Mortal Kombat reboot.

They slow down the match, and you end up actively avoiding them in order to not see the same 30-second animation playout for the 100th time.

Even giving characters a single alternate super move would at least quell some of the repetition you'll be faced with, and other fighting games such as Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom have been offering alternative super combos for years.

Considering the impressive number of options when it comes to gear, special moves, and characters intros/outros players are given, you would expect to have the choice of another big ultra combo by now.


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