Mortal Kombat 12: 10 Things Fans NEED To See

9. More Mini-Games

NetherRealm Studios

Remember when Mortal Kombat was stuffed with side-content that was useless in the grand scheme, but a hilarious distraction when you wanted a break from stomping faces?

From the very first iteration, there was Test Your Might where you had to break boards, and by MKX it was a series of unique items to try and crush beneath your palm with brutal deaths for your character should you fail.

Deadly Alliance introduced Test Your Sight, Deception had Chess and Puzzle Fighting and Armageddon even had a Mario Kart racing clone as an extra mode. MK11 is comprised of a series of fighting ladders with slightly different variations.

There's klassic towers that have you fighting up the standard arcade ladders, towers of time that have you battling up endless ladders with twists in the bouts and Konquest where you fight through regular fights and are rewarded with a cutscene.

The Krypt offers a good alternative mode to grab some time to breathe from the usual gameplay, but it also offers its own issues that we'll get to later.

Sure they aren't something you're going to waste hours of your life away on, but mini-games are a great part of Mortal Kombat's identity. It adds some needed humour and it was a joy to see what new ideas the developers could come up with.


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