Mortal Kombat X: 10 Huge Problems Nobody Wants To Admit

"Press X to feel ripped off"

It took four years and a lot of teasing in the lead-up to release, but the tenth instalment of Ed Boon's gore-hungry franchise is on shelves now, trading exclusively in intestine-flailing fatalities and special moves sure to leave anyone watching in need of the sick bucket. Mortal Kombat has always been a gloriously unique thing, but aside from the overall sensation of happiness than comes with a new instalment of the series by default, MK X sadly leaves a lot to be desired after you've played it for even a few hours. Plenty fans will argue that beat 'em ups have within them endless replayability, but for anyone who felt the gargantuan leap from MK's Armageddon and Vs. DC Universe to the spectacular 2011 'reboot' of sorts (story-wise) that's now referred to as MK 9 - you can't help but look at 2015's iteration as a bit of a damp squib. Now, it must be said that what's on offer here for the most part is extremely solid. MK's general sensation of movement and pulse-pounding combat is as exquisite as they come, with NetherRealm's work on the superhero-packed Injustice allowing for some additional gameplay elements that make fights even more over the top and memorable. Outside of that core though, is what feels like a filing cabinet of a game; something that - like Destiny in approach - has had a veteran team of coders put a fantastic structure together, only for certain aspects of modern game design to fill it in across the following months; leaving a sour taste of Reptile-proportions behind in the process.

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