NBA 2K18: 10 Players Who Should Get A Stat Boost

8. Joel Embiid - Philadelphia 76ers

2K Sports

As much as Philadelphia fans have been told to 'trust the process', Joel Embiid represents the franchise's future at its most unpredictable and fragile. The injury-prone Cameroonian giant was a mighty risk when he was drafted three years ago, and missed the entirety of his first two seasons.

This year again ended in injury for Embiid, but not before he was able to show what he can do. The seven-footer contributed an average of 20 points a game in just 25 minutes of average game time.

Expect to see his stats boom in 2K18, as he was only given a 77 rating under the previous instalment of the franchise. It must have been hard to grade Embiid for the inactive early years of his career, but now 2K (and the rest of the NBA) have had a taste of his scary potential.

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