NBA 2K18: 5 Best New Features In MyTeam

2K18 has hit a slam dunk with its new mode.

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NBA 2K18 has finally arrived, and the general consensus across media sources is it's the best yet in the successful series.

As usual, the newest addition brings us a whole host of new features, including plenty of new additions to the well known and popular MyTeam mode.

MyTeam has always been popular due to its card-collecting nature, and the ability to accrue a team of players built from the greatest NBA stars of all time. The chance to team Michael Jordan with Lebron James, Shaquille O'Neal with James Harden, or Kobe Bryant with Tim Duncan are just a few of the mouth watering combinations players could throw together.

Over the course of the NBA season, more and more cards are added to the game based on stellar performances in real life, giving fans the chance to upgrade their roster with improved versions of their favourite stars.

This year sees a whole host of new features added to MyTeam which will ensure gamers keep on coming back for more throughout the year.

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