NBA 2K18: 5 Best New Features In MyTeam

5. Increased Coaching Options


This year in 2K sees the introduction of a new way of looking at how your team is coached, along with showing how proficient your starting five and bench are going to be under the tutelage of your chosen coach.

Fans have always been able to appoint and collect coaches within MyTeam, but they did little to impact your performance. This year though sees a breakthrough in this aspect of the game, with your players actively responding and performing to the preferences of your man on the sideline.

Each coach has positive and negative points to their preferred method of play, and this helps impact on the the balance and system proficiency of your team. The players you choose have direct affects and impact how high the balance is within your team in reflection to your choice of coach.

This will lead to players trying to perfect their teams and systems over time, with plenty of tinkering to be done over the course of a long NBA season.

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