NBA 2K18: Predicting The 20 Highest-Rated Players

Who's set to slam-dunk, and who will rebound?

2K Games

This NBA off season has been undoubtedly more interesting than the playoffs - arguably the most it has been for years. As some players are more than willing to form superteams to pose a challenge to the Golden State Warriors (Chris Paul, Gordon Hayward) others are more concerned with becoming the sole leaders of their own sides (Blake Griffin, Kyrie Irving).

These changes influence NBA 2K player ratings as much as the players' stats from the previous season. For example, once Paul George joined Russell Westbrook in OKC, it was obvious that despite his historical season, Russ wouldn't earn a 99 rating. Or Kyrie Irving's rating of 90 might well be higher dependent on his decision to leave the Cavaliers and become the sole superstar on a different team.

These two factors (affiliation and stats), as well as the players' performance in clutch moments, are combined and analyzed to arrive at the most precise predictions possible. After blockbuster trades, signings, and breakout seasons, and with over two months to go before the 2017-18 season begins, it's time to speculate which players are going to dominate in the new edition of the best basketball video game franchise.


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