NBA 2K20: 10 Things We Already Know

Deluxe Edition bonuses, WNBA, animation improvements, new dunks and more...

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It's easy to picture 2K's development team (or indeed any team working on annual sports franchises) sitting around a table scratching their heads and collectively wondering how the fudge they can market their latest game. Minor tweaks are the order of the day when there's less than a full year to work on the thing, and NBA 2K20 will be no different.

Not to worry, because last year's 2K19 was excellent in most categories. It delivered great gameplay, presentation and an immersive Neighborhood mode, so there's something to build on. The only real downside was that MyCareer leaned too heavily on those cursed microtransactions, turning it into a grind more than a thrill. Such is life in modern gaming.

Now, onto the subject of this year's entry. Which version is worth picking up? What new features do we already know about? What have the programmers been busying themselves with over the summer? That's all here, and so is the removal of one gameplay feature that had everyone tearing their hair out on the courts in 2K19.

Here's everything you need to know about 2K20 before it drops later this year...

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