NBA 2K20: 10 Things We Already Know

10. Who The Cover Star Is

NBA 2K20
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As of 6 July, Power Forward supremo Anthony Davis if officially a Los Angeles Laker. His move from the New Orleans Pelicans is big news in the NBA, and it means a lot for 2K's new game too. After being traded for Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and three first-round draft picks, Davis is hot sh*t.

He's the face of 2K20.

Davis appears on both the standard edition of the game and special Deluxe version. 2K have been smart with their photography too; Davis is shown on the cover art wearing a plain white t-shirt, one without any branding. It could be a Pelicans training top, but 2K had Anthony cross his arms so fans can't see any branding.

Those sly dogs. This is atypical for the series' box art. Commonly, players are shown on the court in their team's jersey, but not Davis. For the record, this is his first appearance on the game's cover since he, James Harden and Steph Curry graced it in 2K16.

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