NBA 2K20: 8 Things We Want To See In MyTeam

It's fine, it's only Shaquille O'Neal, no way is he going to make that contested thr...

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Less than a month away from the release of the latest instalment of NBA2K, and there is already plenty of information being fed to what is a demanding community from developers.

While gameplay info might already be out there and in-game graphic shots demonstrated in all their glory, little has been revealed in the way of one of the game's most popular modes, MyTeam.

This year's edition of 2K saw the MyTeam mode receive a whole host of welcome features, with the likes of Domination further extended and a plethora of themed packs and new cards added regularly over the year to keep fan interest.

Players could also heat up on court thanks to the addition of Takeover, essentially a temporary boost to players which at times made them almost unguardable.

MyTeam is the ideal game mode for the more casual NBA fan, allowing you to build that fantasy line-up you might have always dreamed about or simply read some history on, and with such a vibrant and thriving community dedicated solely to MyTeam in the world of 2K, the game is under pressure to satisfy the masses in 2020...

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