NBA 2K20: 8 Things We Want To See In MyTeam

8. Stop The Crazy Colour Combos

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It's absolutely infuriating to come up against, but those players who rock a full neon pink court with matching court and ball simply need to be stopped.

While the 2K community is all for creativity and MyTeam is, of course, a mode which lends itself to doing pretty much whatever you like. This has to end.

There is just no fun in coming up against an opponent who is completely used to their own designs, only for your own eyes to be blown away and utterly confused by what's going on.

Too many times over the course of 2K19 were games lost or simply walked away from players being sick and tired of not being able to see what's happening.

MyTeam allows you to collect an abundance of regular courts from throughout history, so stick with those, or at least implement a standard colouring template for those desperate to make their own hardwood.

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