NBA 2K20 Demo: 10 Reactions You Need To Know

"Get the jump on your MyPlayer/MyCareer"? Not so fast...

2K Games

There was a time when video game demos did everything in their power to sell the final product to fans and convince them that parting with their cash was essential. If NBA 2K20's demo is anything to go by, it's fair to say those days are very much over. This is a paper-thin experience that, whilst hardly disastrous (it's a free taster, after all), has some sitting on the fence about whether or not they should bother buying.

2K won't, and shouldn't, like the sound of that.

2K20's demo allows you to build a MyPlayer character then test them out on the court by taking charge of the Toronto Raptors against the Golden State Warriors. Playing as the 2019 NBA champs makes sense, and so does testing one's skills opposite Steph Curry and company. A marquee match up for sure then, but not quite the blockbuster long time fans of the series would've be hoping for once the action gets going.

It's not all bad. 2K20 favours a more realistic pace and does let players get to grips with what the MyPlayer suite will be like. Again, it's a preview of what's to come, and shouldn't be treated as close to the full game. Even so, it could've done with a bit more in the way of content...

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