NBA 2K20 Demo: 10 Reactions You Need To Know

10. Gameplay Feels Slower

NBA 2K20 Demo
2K Games

That "realistic pace" is noticeable as soon as play starts following the opening tip-off.

Players move with ambling grace rather than lightning speed around the court, and there's a slowness to the animation style that'll surely frustrate those who want more urgency. In fact, 2K20 feels an awful lot like older versions of EA Sports' NBA Live franchise more than 2K19.

The slower speed should please those who are newer to basketball games. Players now have some time to pick out passes (pass lanes are obvious in how they develop) and there's no end-to-end, frantic feel. That could prove problematic in the full game if crunch playoff games don't up the intensity.

The demo plays out at a leisurely pace, and only intensifies on steals. It's like players don't have a care in the world even when they're down by 20 points. This laid-back style won't be for everyone, but it does help animation cycles look damn good.

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