NBA 2K20 Review: 5 Ups & 4 Downs

First-class basketball experience; second-class gaming experience.

2K Sports and Visual Concepts returned with the latest incarnation of their acclaimed basketball series, NBA 2K20, on 6 September 2019, delivering another year of subtle innovation over revolution.

Though this year's incarnation brings few surprises for franchise veterans, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's no point in messing with a successful formula and the NBA 2K formula is yet to outlive its use or popularity, though monetisation and microtransactions have unquestionably dented the series' once-impeccable reputation over the last few years.

As usual, this year's key features include a number of gameplay tweaks, with 2K Games touting a more realistic basketball experience than ever before thanks, in part, to improved ball-handling, dribbling, and defensive control. MyCAREER returns with "When the Lights are Brightest," a new story executive produced by LeBron James and his SpringHill Entertainment group. Elsewhere, MyGM 2.0 brings major changes to one of the game's most popular modes, The Neighborhood is busier and more featured-packed than in recent years, and MyTEAM remains as controversial as ever with its new, casino-like aesthetic.

While there's unquestionably a lot to love about NBA 2K20 and the core experience is essentially an upgraded version of the series fans know and love, its flaws cannot be ignored. Let's break it down...


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