NBA 2K20 Review: 5 Ups & 4 Downs


4. The Day One Experience

NBA 2K20 Error message
2K Games

As is often the case with games like this, NBA 2K20 is a mess out of the box.

It isn't unplayable, but the day one experience was buggy and glitch-ridden, with users reporting all manner of flaws from general gameplay hiccups to the inability to edit MyPlayer names. Connecting to the 2K servers was the biggest problem, though. One playthrough saw us sit on the menu system for a good 30 minutes, repeatedly trying to connect to the online services, only to be beaten back by the same error message. This happened during multiple playthroughs on different internet connections and consoles. Connectivity only came on a handful of occasions, thus restricting access to some of 2K20's key features and gameplay modes.

These problems will obviously be fixed with patches and the complaint ties into an industry-wide problem, but you want to be in the moment when it comes to new releases. You want to experience the game as the developers intended to be played. This isn't possible with a pre-patch 2K20.


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