NBA 2K21 - Every Team Ranked From Worst To Best

Who comes in at the top during the most unprecedented NBA season ever?

NBA 2K Lakers

NBA 2K21 released on 4 September to mixed reviews, with a handful of modifications made to the gameplay system, including the reviving of the Pro Stick. If you're a regular player of these games, then it may feel like the exact same game compared to the previous few years of NBA 2K instalments, however, it's still worth the play for both new and veteran players.

As is always the case with a new entry into a sports franchise, players want to use their favourite team first and foremost. Whether they're your favourite because you're from the home state of the team in question, because of the squad that's on offer, or, in this writer's case, because you're obsessed with one of the team members - hello, Alen Smailagic - everyone has their own opinion as to who is the best overall.

With the 2020 NBA draft fast approaching on 20 November, how about we take a look at who the NBA 2K developers believe are the greatest team in the game, based solely on overall rating?

It's important to note that, for this list, we'll be looking solely at the current men's teams, which means no all-time teams, no classic teams, and no WNBA teams will be mentioned.

30. Charlotte Hornets - 72

NBA 2K20 rating - 75

Considering they were founded in 1988, you would have expected the Charlotte Hornets would have qualified for at least one NBA finals series throughout their 32 years on the court. However, it sadly isn't the case, so who else could really have been at the bottom of this ranking?

The loss of Kemba Walker to the Boston Celtics last July was a huge blow to the Hornets, leaving them with their best three-point player as Terry Rozier, who's three-point rating in 2K21 only comes in at an 84. Even the addition of PJ Washington to the squad, who scored 27 points in his debut game against the Chicago Bulls just under a year ago, wasn't enough to make them a dominant force this past season.

Coming into NBA 2K21 at an average rating three points less than their 2K20 rating, it's no surprise that the Charlotte Hornets are at the tail end of this ranking.

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