NBA2K20: 5 Big Gameplay Differences We’ve Learnt About Already

Time to bin those 2K19 habits... 2K20 just changed the ball-game once again.

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The countdown is on for the NBA 2K community as 2K19 reaches the end of it's shelf-life and excitement builds for 2K20.

Dominating the NBA market in terms of gaming for a good few years now, 2K has built a mass following thanks to it's huge range of in-game options and ability to keep players engaged throughout the year with modes like MyTeam.

2K20 promises to be the finest installment in the series yet, and following the busiest free-agency in some years, players will be more eager than ever to get their hands on the latest offering from Visual Concepts.

Last year saw a host of new features added to the game-play experience as things like Takeover were introduced, while defence made a strong return to form following 2K18's miserable blow-by animations.

2K is a moving juggernaut of a game, and improvements and enhancements have already started to make their way into the community.

So whether you're a MyTeam vet, the king of the black top, or simply play for fun, 2K20 has some big changes in store this year.

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