Netflix's Castlevania Season 2: 10 Things That Must Happen

9. A Closer Look At The Ţepeş Family's Relationship

Castlevania Trevor Belmont

One of the key aspects the plot of Castlevania hinges on is the relationship between the Ţepeş family. (That being Dracula, his wife, Lisa, and their son, Adrian, also known as Alucard.)

In season one, many of the details about the family were implied, rather than outright stated, and for a season that was operating under limited time constraints and clearly building towards something bigger, that actually works perfectly fine. However, with a double-length second season on the horizon, it's something that must absolutely be explored in-depth.

For starters, considering how little screentime she had in season one, we could definitely use more Lisa in general. Plus, it would be interesting to learn more about her marriage to Dracula. For instance, how they came to fall in love and, by extension, why her death caused him to go off the deep end.

Plus, we could also get an idea as to why Adrian preferred his mother and so boldly stood against Dracula, but also learn of his respect for his father and any reservations he may be holding onto. (Hence, why he felt a certain level of regret after killing Dracula in the video game.)

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