Nintendo NX: 8 Reasons It's Already Doomed

7. Nintendo Still Can't Do Online Properly

You've only to take a look at Nintendo's critically acclaimed first-party title Splatoon to see just how far behind they are when it comes to online. Splatoon was built from the ground up to be a multi-player experience, and it's the culmination of all the gradual steps Nintendo has been taking towards improving their online functionality, but it's still missing extremely basic features like the ability to consistently play on the same team as a friend. And that's not to mention the fact two people can't play online from the same console.

Then there's Super Mario Maker. Another absolutely brilliant game, but one that is severely hamstrung by its online functionality. In Super Mario Maker, you can barely search for other people's levels; the search criteria is wildly limited. Let's just think about that for a second €“ a game whose central purpose is the creation and sharing of levels, doesn't even have basic search or filtering capabilities. Strangely, one of the problems is that these games are brilliant in every other way. They're critically praised and the fans (largely) love them. But this praise drowns out a lot of very important, valid criticism. Even now, it seems like Nintendo isn't really listening. The company is willing to tarnish the reputation of its own games by neglecting the online aspect. Unfortunately, Nintendo are enamoured by precedent and tradition. We've seen absolutely no proof that games on the NX are going to be any different.

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