Nintendo’s 10 Biggest Failures EVER

Looking at the biggest blunders that Nintendo wants you to forget about.


Starting as a card-selling company in 1889, Nintendo changed forever during the 1970s when the president at the time, Hiroshi Yamauchi, decided to focus on video games. Cut to 2020 and Nintendo has become a gaming juggernaut, having sold five billion games and over 750 million consoles.

Due to the versatility of the Switch, as well as its vast choice of stellar games, the future is looking bright.

As easy as it is to praise the company, Nintendo have made some poor business decisions over the years. Due to mismanagement, short-sightedness, and underestimating the competition, Nintendo has helped their rivals, turned themselves into a laughing stock, and lost billions of dollars.

Obviously, nobody is infallible. If you have to maintain a billion-dollar organisation with countless workers all over the world, mistakes are guaranteed.

Making mistakes is completely acceptable so long as you learn from it. Also, it's tough to maintain success when you're up against steady competition like Sony and Microsoft. But many times, Nintendo caused more damage to their company than their rivals ever could have.

In order for Nintendo to stay on top-form, they need to acknowledge their mistakes to ensure they never EVER do anything this stupid again.

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