Nintendo Switch: 10 Improvements It STILL Needs

8. Higher Quality Screen

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The Switch has an exceptional achievement.: being able to take console-quality games from your television to the palm of your hand. Games played in handheld mode look almost as good as they do on the big screen. Using the dock included with the regular Switch model, you can achieve a 1080p resolution with most games. However, the screen on the console is locked at 720p.

This is baffling; it's a 6.2 inch LCD Screen. Compare that to the iPhone 8 Plus that was released the same year: a 5.5 inch LED-backlit LCD screen that is capable of not only a 1080p resolution, but high dynamic range content as well. Now, this might not be a fair comparison as phones are typically more expensive than game consoles; it's a money game after all and Nintendo is trying to maximize profits. You'd think, given its part handheld system, they would want a high-quality screen.

When Nintendo released the Switch Lite in 2019 it was marketed as a purely handheld system. Did it have a better screen? Nope. The same 720p resolution with a now smaller 5.5 inch LCD screen.

Visuals aren't everything, but Nintendo seems a generation behind with resolution.


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