Nintendo Switch 2020 Wish List: 10 Things We Need To See

The console has been going strong - but what do we want to see next from Nintendo?


So far, the Switch has been pretty smooth sailing for Nintendo. The hardware is equally appealing to youngsters and more serious gamers, the system has boasted some genuinely classic exclusive titles, and is a great platform for indie games to boot. However, a games console is not unlike a shark, and if they don’t keep moving forward, they’ll surely sink.

Nintendo are by no means infallible, and there are quibbles and issues that even their most ardent fans will raise with their latest console. Whether it’s a problem with the console itself or concerns over the way they treat their extensive back catalogue, there are areas for improvement that we’d like to see considered in the coming year, as well as things we’d like to see happen in general.

Some of the items on this wishlist are likely in development already, while others are a little more hopeful or speculative but whatever you might want from the developers, we’d like to think things are moving in the right direction at Nintendo headquarters - all that they need is a little push.


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