Nintendo Switch 2020 Wish List: 10 Things We Need To See

10. More Reliable Online Play


Nintendo haven’t been the multiplayer kings for a long while now, but they’re starting to embrace the world of online play (as any games company must do these days if they wish to stay relevant). There are titles that have online gamers' mouths watering, but Nintendo are finding their feet pretty slowly.

The Switch’s online features simply aren’t all that reliable. For some games, like Mario Kart or third party ports like Rocket League, it’s fine more often than not. Super Smash Bros Ultimate, though, had serious teething problems right from the off. Matches were glitchy and prone to freezing up altogether, especially when you had a lot of people involved (which is surely the point of online play). Similarly, Mario Maker 2 gives players the option to race strangers across a literally endless selection of Mario levels, but the propensity for crashing makes the game often unplayable.

To be fair to Nintendo, they tend to fix the issues that arise quickly enough, but each new game they debut to fanfare seems to come stuttering and stumbling out of the gate. Online play clearly isn’t one of their priorities - but they might need to change that stance.


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