Nintendo Switch Pro: 10 Improvements It Desperately Needs

How can Nintendo stay relevant with a next-gen Switch?

nintendo switch pro

The Switch has been nothing short of a phenomenon for Nintendo. Three years ago their hardware-making days were seemingly numbered, with many naysayers suggesting they should follow Sega’s example and focus solely on producing software for Sony and Microsoft's consoles.

However that all changed when the Switch exploded onto the scene and carved a lucrative niche in the market for the Big N to monopolise. To put it lightly, the House of Mario haven’t looked back since.

Despite the company’s resurgent success and the continuing high sales of the Switch 1 and its companion portable, the Switch Lite, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive as to whether the Japanese giant will release a sequel to its life saving hybrid.

It’s thought a next-gen Switch is a no-brainer as the company endeavour to combat the imminent launch of the Sony and Microsoft’s respective uber powerful, next generation consoles, the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

With that in mind, the current iteration of the Switch isn’t without its flaws and so if or when they do release a next gen competitor, what features and improvements need to be implemented to make it competitive?

10. Cheaper, More Portable Dock

nintendo switch pro

As far as this list goes, the want for a cheaper, more portable dock is perhaps the least dramatic and pressing matter. A gaming first world problem, if you like.

However, the merit of having a dock that you can throw in your bag or pop in your pocket and take away with you is plain to see.

At the moment, if you want to play big screen Switch in another room, you either have the inconvenience of detaching your console’s accompanying dock and reattaching it elsewhere or buying an expensive second.

While other, third party docks are available, they are often plagued by reports of ‘bricked’ consoles and damaging reviews, and this is a risk most Switch owners don’t want to take.

With that in mind, if Nintendo were to provide a cheaper alternative, there’s no reason every household couldn’t have a set up comprised of two or even three docks, enhancing the console’s portable, hybrid appeal.

Many believe the absence of such a convenient addition to the Switch set up is a glaring omission. So surely, come the next generation, the Switch’s dock will emerge refined and more affordable.


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