Nintendo Switch Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs


6. Going Portable To Big Screen And Back Again Is Magic

nintendo switch

It's been the system's biggest boon since the press first went hands-on last year - being the Switch's entire processing unit is housed inside its tablet interface, carrying it with you and 'gaming on the go' before slotting it back in the charging dock is a seamless process.

It takes literally just over a second for the feed to transfer between handheld mode and your TV display, re-rendering whatever you're playing from 720p on the tablet, to full 1080p (or 900p for Zelda).

It would be simple to say that "All the system is doing" is tantamount to plugging in an HDMI cable, but in swapping resolutions and letting you detach/reattach the controllers at the same time, lies one of the most satisfyingly tactile aspects of factoring the Nintendo Switch into your life.

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