Nintendo Switch Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

4. Screen Is Gorgeous, UI Simple & Effective


The Switch's portable mode makes full use of a gorgeous 1280x720 HD screen, running all games at a solid 720p resolution when un-docked, really highlighting how something like the neon glow of Fast RMX or the breathtaking vistas of Zelda can look stunning, no matter where you're taking them in.

The console's UI itself features a much more easy to use look than the literally crowded (fully of Mii avatars) backdrop of the Wii U, centring around a clean tiled interface hosuing a number of distinct, key functions.

You've got your game tiles, and below, smaller icons for online news, the eShop storefront, an album for the console's one-button screenshots, controller configurations (used for telling the system whether you're going back to playing solo or want to re-register the Joy-Cons as being on their sides), system settings and sleep mode.

There are just a fraction of settings even in the main system menu by comparison to other systems, almost a feeling like Nintendo are hand-waving away the minutiae of optional HDR, myriad display, controller and customisation options or other four-step toggles tucked away deep inside the PS4 and Xbox One.

The Switch is all about the games. How high a resolution can your TV handle? Do you want to tie some social media accounts in or register an Amiibo?

Good. Let's play.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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