Nintendo Switch Update: Every New Feature EXPLAINED

The Switch just got a whole lot more accessible.

Nintendo Switch Online

Remember when the Nintendo Switch first came out, and it was all pretty barebones?

Let us not forget this was a console that didn't see it's release of Nintendo Switch Online for a good year after the initial release of the Switch!

Thankfully, flash forward to 2020 and for the most part, the Switch is up-to-date with most modern technology. That's not to say Nintendo isn't still supporting the console; just this past week, the Big N released the 10.0.0 update for Switch, bringing a number of oft-requested features to the console for the very first time.

The new updates bring some exciting news for many gamers who struggle with the Switch's configuration, as well as - finally - a light at the end of the tunnel for storing your game data away from the console and freeing up some space for those big releases.

Now Nintendo just needs to patch something in like Xbox Achievements or Playstation trophies and we're golden.

5. Remapping Controller Buttons

Nintendo Switch Online

Accessibility and gaming go hand-in-hand nowadays, so it's great that Nintendo is thinking about accessibility with their latest update.

With 10.0.0, Nintendo is bringing the ability to actually remap your controller buttons to the console. While some games support this already, this is now baked-in at the system level, complete with the ability to save up five favourite custom controller configurations for each of your controllers.

Control remapping supports both Joycons, as well as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and also works for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Your configurations are tied entirely to the controller in question - so you can map your left Joy Con differently to the right, then save five different configurations on each.

This is very exciting news for gamers with disabilities, as it opens up new possibilities in terms of setting up controllers in a way that reflects that particular gamers' needs.

To access this one, simply go into System Settings > Controllers and Settings.


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