No Man’s Sky: 10 Huge Changes That Finally Make It Worth Playing

10. A Proper Single Player Story

No Man S Sky Story
Hello Games

Obviously one of the biggest issues with No Man's Sky, was a spectacular lack of purpose. The pre-release question of "But what do you DO?!" was answered with "You just... do", the game and its creators alluding to a game whose entire point was to encapsulate the sensation of being but a spec of cosmic dust in the universe.

Now that interpretable meaning is a far more gradual drip-feed, as there's a proper story-driven reason for you to journey from planet to planet.

Awaking next to your ship and sifting through various logs, following radio signals and interacting with broken computers all factor into your amnesiac protagonist 'heeding the call' of a mysterious force from across the galaxy. It's a great way to give you the perfect amount of agency necessary for an open-world game of this size: You don't feel particularly pressured to do the main missions immediately, and can instead hunt, explore, craft and make your character better equipped for what lies ahead.

Don't get me wrong - there aren't boss battles or anything, but Hello Games have found a way to introduce you to No Man's Sky's various plot points, characters and races in a far more propulsive way.

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