No Man's Sky NEXT: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Free upgrade slots? You don't say!

No Mans Sky
Hello Games

After possibly the worst high-profile video game launch in history, developers Hello Games have essentially funnelled all the initial profits from No Man's Sky into making it the version we were all expecting back in 2016. That's meant radio silence on social media, TONS of listening to fan/consumer feedback and essentially, re-approaching every aspect of what No Man's Sky "is", to make the best version so far.

Now in 2018, after multiple sizeable updates and the "NEXT" overhaul, we've got a third-person perspective, base building, freighter management, land vehicles, character customisation and MUCH more. There's a story, mission board, wider array of weapons and completely reworked planet generation tech, meaning creatures can be as tall as skyscrapers, plants blot out the sun, and mountains or valleys keep everything looking distinct.

In every respect, No Man's Sky is a remarkable achievement. Yes, Sean Murray told some mighty glaring porky pies in its promotion, but they've done right by the consumer since.

If you're picking up a copy (at a vastly reduced price) there's a lot to love, but one thing's for sure: This galaxy is rife with features the game will NEVER point out...

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Gaming Editor

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