No Man's Sky NEXT: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

15. Use Your Ship To Mine & Blast Open Locked Doors

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Added in a previous update, you can actually use your ship's weapons to pull off a couple of cool things.

First up is mining. Just hit triangle/Y to switch to your Phase Beam, aim at any element shards sticking out the ground and you'll hoover them up the same way as if you were on the ground.

Second is blasting into the various buildings and outposts that have locked doors. You'll know they require force from the small gun icon that pops up when hovering over the entranceway itself, but rather than craft a Boltcaster to get in, just hop in your ship and use the Photon Cannons instead.

Other installed tech will also make short work of these facilities, but every ship starts with Photon Cannons, and they'll get the job done too.

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