No, We Won't Shut Up About Spec Ops: The Line

There's a reason we bring it up again and again to the point of insanity.

Spec Ops The Line ending
2K Games

Long-time WhatCulture fans and even newcomers to the channel will know by now that we just can't get enough of talking about Yager Development's 2012 military-shooter-turned-murder-simulator Spec Ops: The Line. Fire up any gaming video and there's a roughly 100% chance you'll get to hear about that moment where the Delta Force operatives under the player's control do that really bad thing.

As primarily a video editor for WhatCulture, I recently claimed an edit and groaned as Spec Ops: The Line was wheeled out once again. Time to download that same footage from Chapter 8, same brutal white phosphorus attack, same march through dying servicemen, same dead civilian mother with her face burned off. Walker has committed a war crime! Maybe you're not the hero of this story! I thought to myself, "maybe someone should write a list titled '10 Video Games WhatCulture Needs To Shut Up About'".

Then I saw Spec Ops on Steam for £3 pounds, replayed it and realised that we're still absolutely right to bang on about it. There will obviously be spoilers for the entire game from this point forwards, so go and play it first if you haven't already.


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