Outlast 2: 10 Scariest Moments From The Demo

Are you watching, Hollywood? THIS is how you do effective horror.

Red Barrels

Outlast is generally considered to be one of the scariest video games of all time. Red Barrels' first person (mis)adventure had players desperately trying to escape the halls of Mount Massive asylum, chased every step of the way by crazed maniacs and mutated experiments. Armed with a video camera to document the horrifying events taking place inside, you have just one way to defend yourself: Run.

But if the fairly linear and walled-in confines of Mount Massive provided players with at least some comfort along the way, Red Barrels are offering barely any of the same protection with their sequel. Outlast 2 is set to take place in a much larger area, with the vast majority of it putting you into open spaces where it's tough to watch your back.

Sadly, the game has been delayed to an approximate Spring 2017 date, but you can still get your fill of pant-smearing horror in the meantime thanks to the game's free demo. The demo is available to download until November 1st, and it is well worth checking out if you enjoyed the first game.

However, if you're keen to find out the gory details of the new teaser without having to put yourself through the terror first-hand, then we've got you covered! Enjoy the standout happenings from the Outlast 2 demo as we count down its ten scariest moments.

Be warned: There are some pretty gruesome events over the next few pages, so keep reading at your own peril...


10. The Burned Bodies

Outlast 2 Bodies
Red Barrels

After a succession of heart-pounding moments toward the midpoint of the demo, Outlast 2 suddenly takes a fairly calm turn and almost lets you relax for a moment. I say "almost", because the game's idea of calming you down isn't exactly a warm blanket and a cuppa.

As you wander through some dank tunnels you'll start to approach a larger room with a a cross of light falling onto a lumpy floor. As you get closer you'll soon discover that this floor is actually a collection of charred, adolescent corpses.

This mass grave is as unnerving as anything that appeared in the first game, and it sets a tone for the events of the first game to be surpassed many times over in this sequel.

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