Overwatch 2: 10 Big Reveals From Blizzcon 2019

Standing together and answering the call.


With Blizzcon 2019 in full swing, one of the company's biggest and most buzz-worthy announcements - apart from the long-awaited Diablo 4 - has to be Overwatch 2.

The hype was real, with multiple announcements for Overwatch's future and Overwatch 2's eventual launch, and despite it being a fairly young IP, it's felt like forever since Overwatch has had a content drop this massive.

Thousands of people are undeniably excited for the future of this game and its enormously popular and complex story, with Blizzard's newest cinematic reminding people how Overwatch made such a splash in the first place.

With Jeff Kaplan taking the reins, gameplay demos available to play, and a lot of enthusiasm across the board from attending fans despite recent controversy, Overwatch 2 has everyone excited for what comes next.

With its ability to connect with audiences even outside of the gaming world, Overwatch has undeniably become one of Blizzard's biggest (if not the biggest) titles, and it's not hard to imagine just how huge Overwatch 2 will be to match the power of the first.

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