Overwatch: 5 Things You Need To Know About Ashe

29th time’s the charm?


BlizzCon is underway and one of the delights fans were treated to was the announcement of Overwatch’s 29th hero, Ashe. A bit like when Moira was revealed, this character came out of the blue. However, her trailer gave us a huge sense of her personality and play style, with fans already dying to get to grips with this rootin’ tootin’ shooter.

We saw a lot of variety in the short teaser BlizzCon dangled in front of us, and there’s a lot to dissect already. She’s certainly got some unique features, with some very clear links to other characters in the lore too.

This is what keeps Blizzard and Overwatch at the top of the pile. Yes, they keep releasing event skins so players can update their favourites, but while other shooters consider support to just mean balancing out matchups, nerfing OP classes or maybe tossing out a new map or gun once in a while, Overwatch keeps things truly fresh.

The fans already had 28 distinct heroes to choose from, but Ashe still brings something new to the gang.

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