Persona: 10 Best Songs From The Franchise So Far

You'll never see them coming.

persona 5

Since the phenomenal success of Persona 4 Golden on the PS Vita, the Persona franchise has become a stalwart of the gaming industry. Each numbered entry is now a genuine event, spawning spin-off games, anime adaptations, movies and concerts.

As that last entry implied, a huge part of the series' appeal lies in its eclectic soundtracks, each created by the stunningly talented Shoji Meguro. Spanning a variety of genres, from hip-hop to jazz, Personas 3-5 are responsible for some of the best music in all of gaming.

This list is my attempt to narrow it down to ten must-hear tracks, but by no means are these the only songs from the franchise worth listening to.

There are some absolute bangers that just failed to make the cut (Maze of Life, Light the Fire up in the Night and Time to Make History to name just a few), but that shows just how damned good Meguro-san is at his job.

Obviously everyone will have their favourites, so throw yours down in the comments below.

10. Mass Destruction - Persona 3

Kicking off the list we have one of the most (in)famous ear-worms in JRPG history.

"Baby baby baby baby (baby baby baby ahhhhhh)…."

You might want to wait until you've finished the rest of the list before giving this a listen, because good luck getting that out of your head for the rest of the day. It's a hell of a way to set up a fight though - a pulsating, triumphant yell to the gods to quicken your blood pressure and psyche you up for the battle to come.

Although the rest of the track can't quite sustain the energy of that opening line, given that very few fights last the duration of the song you can see why it's creator wanted to open with its strongest section.

And again, what an opening - "Baby baby baby"...

Agh, no! Quick, onto the next song before this gets stuck in your head!


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