Persona: 10 Best Songs From The Franchise So Far

9. Last Surprise - Persona 5

Another battle track, but in a completely different genre. If the previous entry was high-energy hip-hop, then "Last Surprise" is... actually, I'm not sure what genre you'd call it. Cocky... jazz?

Anyway, regardless of labels "Last Surprise" is a wonder. A cabaret singer bragging about her prowess in battle is as far from a typical JRPG fight theme as you can get, but damned if it doesn't work.

A big part of the song's success lies in how it plays into the game's battle system. Launching an ultimate attack to finish a fight just as the singer cries "You'll never see it coming!" is a routine that never gets old, especially given the timing required to pull it off.

As such, "Last Surprise" deserves props for pulling off this unconventional marriage between audio and game design, even if it does feel like it may have been accidental.

Not that the Persona series has ever struggled to intentionally put a smile on gamers' faces, as the next two entries will attest to.


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