PES 2015: 9 Tips To Play Like A Boss

Destroy opponents with expert tips for Konami's resurgent football sim.

There was a time when Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series stood as the best sports game on the market. The ingenious Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka reinvented the beautiful game for football gamers across the globe year after year with each title better than the last. This so called football nirvana is still lauded by die hard PES fans to this very day and is the sole reason why the community stays loyal year after year, even though in the eyes of gamers as a whole; there's a new king in town. The transition to next gen consoles back in 2007 saw the emergence of current juggernaut FIFA capture the market and relegate PES to the second division. The silky smooth gameplay and obvious push on marketing highlighting the licences offered by EA simply blew the competition away, a trend which has continued to current day. Until now. PES 2015 brings the series back to its roots and the results are magical. With superb gameplay and deep tactical options at the forefront of the next gen title, PES 2015, built on Konami's beautiful FOX engine looks not only set to challenge FIFA but ultimately take back the throne. With gamers growing tired of EA Sports continued laziness and lack of innovation, fans have flocked to Konami's latest with passion in their soul, eager to try the simulation that started it all. But new players might find themselves in for a shock when the game is released in less than a weeks time. PES 2015 is a game of mastery and needs to be approached in the same way as real football. It takes patience, skill and dedication. The hardcore nature of PES is what makes it special and PES 2015 offers the old style PES magic in buckets. It's easy for new players to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount to learn but don't fear, if you follow these few key tips you'll be soon destroying even veterans of the series.

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