Photo: Elias' Scrapped New Look Revealed In WWE 2K22

Will fans be playing as Elias' Randy Savage lookalike gimmick in WWE 2K22?

Elias WWE 2K22
2K Games

A pic of Elias in some funky ring attire has been doing the rounds during promotions for the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game.

The interesting thing here is that Elias has never appeared on TV in that gear - some may recall reports from late-last year that WWE had scrapped the music man's repackage job because the new gimmick was "too much like Randy Savage".

If that's true, and Vince McMahon thought Eli's new look was too "Macho Man", then it's strange that 2K Games were able to take some snaps of him rocking that persona in the first place. Of course, this leak could mean that Elias is set to debut with the red trunks after all.


This sort of miscommunication rarely happens in WWE circles, especially when it comes to wrestlers being repackaged with a fresh look.

Some on social media wondered if this might've been an error on 2K's part. Maybe they were never supposed to use those promo pics at all; perhaps Elias will show up in 2K22 wearing his old jeans and boots combo instead.


It's all rather curious.


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