PlayStation 5: 8 Massive Rumours You Need To Know

6. A Dedicated Focus On VR

You don't have to be a hardcore gaming fan to know that Sony, along with many rivals, has been working on Virtual Reality devices. Sony's is called the PlayStation VR, and as the name suggests, it will be designed with gaming in mind. Sony has said its virtual device (due for launch in 2016) will allow you to 'experience the future of gaming through virtual reality with just the visor, your PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Camera'. The company obviously need to test the waters, but if it goes to plan, you can be sure that the PlayStation 5's Morpheus Virtual Reality project (the working name given to it before PlayStation VR) will appear as a peripheral to the main controller. However, there is no price for the VR headset yet, but if the device was to work with the PS4, Sony would have to find a way to reduce the cost in time for the new console.
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