PlayStation 5: 8 Rumours We Hope AREN'T True

Say goodbye to physical media.

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As things stand, the PlayStation 5 feels so far from the realms of reality that it barely qualifies as a twinkle in Sony's eye; but it wouldn't take much to change that.

No doubt the electronics giant already has top men working on the console in a secret warehouse somewhere on the planet, and official confirmation of this would send the rumour mill into overdrive and mark the dawning of a new hardware generation.

Although Sony's top brass have made fleeting references to the PS5, they aren't ready to reveal anything concrete yet, but that hasn't stopped leaks from trickling in and news outlets running so-called exclusive scoops about the mythical machine.

Some of these reports have been more plausible than others. Rumours of backwards compatibility with the PS4 have gone down well with the fans, and nobody is likely to complain if those claims about competitive pricing turn out to be on the money.

The other PS5 leaks, however, we can only hope are hogwash because they suggest Sony is about to blast itself in the foot, rather than fire warning shots at Microsoft.

8. Runs Games In Native 8K Resolution

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Rumours that the PS5 will be capable of running games at a retina-melting 8K resolution have been peddled by several outlets, and they seem to have originated from an interview with Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi at Finder.

The studio head discussed the problems his studio had rendering Gran Turismo Sport's ultra-detailed vehicles on current-gen hardware, and made a passing reference to 8K technology as a potential solution to their woes.

While this is far from confirmation that Sony is planning for an exciting 8K future, a number of reports have claimed that the gaming giant is exploring the possibility of harnessing the resolution, but would there really be any point?

Does anyone look at native 4K and think "that looks really shoddy. If only we had the technology to support visuals with four times as many pixels"?

Let's also consider that there isn't much hardware capable of hosting native 8K as things stand, and the few monitors and super PCs that can cost thousands of pounds. Nobody will want to fork out for an 8K TV to run their PS5 games at their full graphical capacity, because they're unlikely to be affordable anytime soon, and including this kind of power under the console's hood would only drive up the price.

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