PlayStation 5: 8 Rumours We Hope AREN'T True

7. The End Of Disc-Based Gaming

PS5 Logo

The video game industry is trending towards digital, and this form of distribution accounts for a bigger slice of overall game sales each year. Some believe we're heading for an all-digital future, so it's no surprise that rumours Sony is planning to kill off the PlayStation's disc drive have reared their ugly head.

Outlets such as Crossmap have run reports claiming that the PS5 will ditch physical media in favour of digital downloads and streaming. While the latter mediums are gaining traction all of the time, dumping discs entirely would be a huge mistake.

Look at the backlash Microsoft was hit by when they announced the Xbox One would require an always-on internet connection. It proved that not all gamers have the luxury of the infrastructure needed to support online console gaming.

What's more, there's a still a huge demand for physical products in the collectors' market. In an age where digital technology is phasing out tangible things in all walks of life, box artwork, instruction manuals and the extras that come bundled with collectors' edition box sets are a treasured part of the gaming experience.

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