Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale: 10 PS2 Characters That Should Be Included

We continue our speculation over the All-Stars roster by exploring which PS2 era characters we'd like to show up for the fight.

Hello again, and welcome back to my own little corner of dreams and speculation. I do hope you enjoyed the first part of this feature, in which we discerned which 10 characters from the PS1's glory days had the best shot at appearing in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. And if you haven't seen the first part? Well you can go read it here, don't worry we'll wait.

Caught up, excellent. Now join WhatCulture once more as we delve into the library of arguably one of the most popular game consoles ever, to find out which characters from the PS2 warrant a comeback in the All Stars cast.


I realise that before this was finished of some character leaks appeared on the internet, as is the nature of this industry. Some of those leaks appear in this list. I write this here and now to state that I realise this, and I am far to busy and/or lazy to change this article to complement the new information, which is not official as of this date. Enjoy!

10. Jennifer Tate (Primal)

I'm pretty certain that a lot of people won't know who Jennifer is. The character is unique to the Playstation though as she was the protagonist to the criminally underrated Primal. Developed by SCE Studio Cambridge, Primal was a playstation exclusive that was met with positive to average reviews and never really went anywhere as a property. Which is a shame, because Jennifer Tate would make a great addition to the All Star Cast.

Right now the roster is woefully short on strong female characters. In fact the only lady lined up to appear so far is a princess with a penchant for cake. Jennifer is smart, funny, well rounded and nice to look at. Oh and she fights demons. Compounded by the fact that she can actually transform into a demon herself. Jen would prove to be an excellent short ranged melee fighter with her demonic claws and could call upon her sidekick Scree if she got backed into a tight corner.


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