Pokémon Sword & Shield: 5 Confirmed Details (And 5 Predictions)

Generation 8 is building the perfect storm to be the most successful game yet.


Hot on the heels of Let’s GO! Eevee and Let’s GO! Pikachu’s success (not to mention building one of gaming’s most beloved franchises these past 20 years), Game Freak and Nintendo have announced the new main series Pokémon games: Generation VIII’s Sword and Shield.

A hell of a lot has changed since the old Red, Blue and Yellow says, but even in recent years there’s been a lot of development in the Pokémon world. Though they’d always sold well with core fans, Pokémon GO ensnared new players and got old Genwunners back on board.

The earth shattering popularity of the early days might have down, a barrel load of new features means those who stuck with it now have a hugely entertaining game. Gen VII’s Sun and Moon changed things up too, introducing Trials and Alolan forms of old favourites like Vulpix, Grimer and Meowth.

Let’s GO! then offered a link between PoGo newbies and the main series with a remake of Yellow, adding in new mechanics to appeal to players of every experience. With all that in mind, Generation VIII could have the biggest sales figures of any Pokémon game to date.

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