Pokémon Sword & Shield: 7 Reasons To Be HYPED

Not long now.


We are fast approaching November 15th, a date that has been in the minds of Pokemon fans ever since it was announced on June 5th.

However, what that releases have shown us is reason enough to be extremely excited for what's to come. We've still not been introduced to the evolution lines for our adorable new starters, nor has there been an overflow of Galarian Pokémon or Galarian forms for returning Pokémon. This is only a positive, as it allows for exploration whilst not knowing what may be in the next patch of tall grass or flying overhead in the Wild Area.

The new Pokémon we have been allowed to feast our eyes upon have certainly not done anything to reduce the excitement this game has been generating. From our adorable new fluff ball that is Wooloo to the ever-present and energetic Scorbunny, and not forgetting our lovely new mascot for Britain in Pokémon form, Polteageist.

There is plenty that this game is doing to maintain and amplify the hype, and with that in mind, what better way to increase the hype than dive in on new features and details?

Why should you be excited? Well...


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